Where do you add tequilia? In the classic Margarita! Apart from tequila, the other ingredients in the delicious margarita are sweetener like agave juice, lime juice and tequila. Tequila makes or breaks a margarita. It is one of those important ingredients that decide the zing of the margarita and fortunately we have a pool of options.
There is a whole range of top notch tequilas from brands using traditional techniques sich as brock over cooking and tahona milling and also the distilleries using diffusers. Though blanco is the bottle of choice for a margarita, there are others too that will be perfect for a killer recipe.

Roca Patro Silver

This was released into the market when the U.S was still trying the get around understand this Mexican madness called tequila. They singlehandedly gathered attention to the high spirits of this premium spirit. A giant tahona was used to press the agave after cooking it as it the traditional method leaves more flavour.

Espolon Blanco


You do not need go all out on your budget when buying tequila for your margarita. This one is reasonably priced while being excellent with its fragrant flavours. The high sugar content agave, which are grown much above the sea level makes this drink extra delicious.

Olmeca Altos Plata

The agave used to make is tequila is grown at an elevation of 7000 feet in the Los Altos region. The tequila made is smooth and high notes of olive brine, citrus and agave. Along with the fresh lime juice that you add, you would be proud of the Margarita you make.

Espolon Blanco

ElVelo Blanco

This tequila is an unaged spirit that is purely distilled agave. With a higher percent of ABV at 44.5 per cent, you will be swooning about the Margarita for some time to come.

Siembra Valles High Proof

If you want to take it a level high, with an ABV of 46%, this exceptionally amazing tequila is cooked in the brick ovens and tahona is used to crush the agave. You will notice notes of citrus, licorice, black pepper and freshly-cut grass which will add personality to your Margarita.


Do you fancy oak and vanilla flavours in your drink? The tequila they make is aged for at least 60 days. It also offers a caramel and allspice taste that makes your Margarita taste mellow but also edgy.

Maestro Dobel Diamante


Bartenders’ fabourtie tequila, this clear and matured spirit is a blend of extra anejo and resposado.

Pasote Blanco

You pay for the quality when you purchase this one. It is distilled from natural spring water and rainwater and made at Felipe Camarena’s distillery. The vegetal undertones of this drink will blow the mind of the person drinking the Margarita made by you.

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