Margarita Festival

Dallas Margarita Festival welcomes you with fun, recreation, and an unfading party scene. Enjoy food, margaritas, salsa dancing, and live bands in an outdoor setting in the loveliest of backgrounds. Every year, thousands visit here to drink the best margaritas of their lives. Is your dream margarita intoxicating, tasty, and refreshing? Try the best of all the margaritas, and you will remember this experience for a lifetime.

Dallas’ largest celebration

Live music, fantastic food options, games, bountiful margaritas are awaiting you. Witness the most mind-blowing fireworks in the area. A wonderful date option, your romance would touch the roof with passion when you are surrounded by some beauty and deliciousness.

Dallas’ largest

America’s favorite drink

Margarita has always been America’s favorite drink. Sourced from the best tequilas of Mexico, you would run out of time but not out of options for margaritas tasting. Before you make your final call, do you wish you could try out some deliciousness? Attend the Margarita tasting session and decide on which Margarita would like to get tipsy on for all of the evening.

If you think that Margarita has lost its soul, think again.


A Margarita can enthrall all of the crowd alike. The classic and original Margarita is lime juice, Blanco tequila, and one ounce of triple sec. The 100 percent agave spirit provides the notes of delicious herbs, and the kick is like no other. Some restaurants compromise on the quality just to cut costs, thereby worsening your Margarita experience. Have the Margarita here to leave all the notions behind. Along with the drink, eat the best foods from different cuisine stalls and get the best party favors. Hit the place with your friends or bring your date; you are in for a fun and memorable night.

History behind Margarita


The cocktail was first invented in the 1940s. Yes, it is that old. Carlos Herrera was a restaurant owner who invented the drink in 1930 for the German showgirl Marjorie King. King was allergic to every kind of alcohol except tequila, but straight tequila shots are difficult to stomach. So, Herrera gave his own spin to his cocktail. Lime and salt into the spirit were then consumed by the showgirl, and word quickly spread how delicious the drink had been.
Margarita has been inspired by Daisy, a well-known cocktail. It is made with sugar syrup, liquor, citrus, and a topping of soda water, and since has been served to all of the Mexican restaurants, thereby made its way into the U.S.

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