Arrive at the party where the madness meets Margarita. Join this fun and enjoy America’s favourite drink. Taste all the varieties of Margarita, or dance the night away. Whatever you do, we promise you some major fun.

variety of festival foods and vendor village

Have the best taco and burger of your life and wash it down with your favourite flavour of Margarita. Shop from the village vendors and carry home not just experiences, but souvenirs too.

Outdoor Margarita Festival


Dance and swoon to the talents of Texas bringing their best music skills forward.


Beer garden sounds enticing, right? Drink beer during the day and margarita
at the night.


Know more about America’s favourite drink and experiment with different flavors with the best Tequilas of Mexico.

Our Events

Tequila Herradura Margarita Social

The Friday night event, “The Social Presented by Tequila Herradura”, brings together industry professionals and weekend festival goers for an evening of sipping on specialty tequila cocktails, a delectable “create your own” taco bar, and live music. Moody Gardens “Bands on Sand” and fireworks over the bay round out the kick-off to the weekend festivities!

Tequila Tower

Saturday’s tasting and sampling session features some of the best and most respected brands. Local restaurants participate in the showcase to pair the tequilas with an array of complimentary flavors. Patrons have the opportunity to display the bond between tequila and food together.

Casa Sauza Outdoor Margarita Festival

The outdoor festival is an oasis of different types of margaritas, a variety of food, and vendor village for an outdoor shopping experience. As festival goers move from cove to cove they will be mesmerized at the aesthetic beauty and massive fun this festival brings!

El Jimador Sports Lounge

There is nothing better to beat the Texas heat than a margarita but when the sun becomes too much be sure to head inside to cool off in the El Jimador Sports Lounge. Enjoy billiards and specialty cocktails crafted to fully experience El Jimador Tequila.

HAPPY Reviews

“I look forwards to this wild party every year. Margaritas are my favourite drink and the tequilas they use are just wonderful. Worth every penny.”

Annette C Griffin

“Live music with your beautiful Margarita keeping you company. Small pleasures of life but keep me content. I end up buying the organic tequilas available here for home!”

Victoria J Rogers


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Tequila Tower

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