Persevering drink

We pour a Margarita, whether it has been a happy day or a sad day. A gulp of Margarita would assure us that everything would eventually be alright. Everyone has their own personal recipe of a Margarita to keep them company. Some like it simple with lime, agave, orange liqueur, and tequila, while some like it on the rocks, frozen, sweet-spicy, and what not. Margarita can be transformed into whatever you desire in your dream drink. Here is what makes it perfect.

It’s democratic

It is indeed a drink that you can have wearing a tuxedo or a bathing suit alike sipping from a reflective glass or a plastic cup. Margaritas are available on all the price points, from outrageous $1200 a glass to $5 for two drinks. It covers all the cultural and economic spectrum.

Persevering drink

Persevering drink

Several people lay claim on the first-ever drink. There are several creation stories of this drink, and some say it was born out of adversity, an alcoholic drink. One customer was allergic to all of the hard liquor. So, a bartender made a drink using tequila. Though it wasn’t the best, he worked and persevered till he got the taste right,

America’s favorite

Margarita quickly climbed up the ladder to be America’s favorite drink. Nearly 60% of Americans always prefer the drink to celebrate the high spirits. Though the tequila is sourced from Mexico, they like to drink tequila neat there. Hence, in America, people throng to drink Margaritas for their citrusy and fruity flavors.



It takes an agave plant nearly ten years to grow ultimately and harvest it for tequila. Farmers’ patience is what gets you to your tequila shot. Tequila can be distilled only in five Mexican states. Agave is central to Mexican culture, and there is even an Aztec Goddess to whom tequila is dedicated. It is believed that tequila is her gift to the humans.

The glass

The margarita glass is a class apart. The oversized shape of the mouth of the glass is because American’s like to drink a lot of it. Also, since so much ice is added, it needs more space, obviously.

Balances the four human tastes

The Margarita exudes salty, sweet, bitter, and sourness in its drinks. The salt is added to cut the bitterness and sourness of the lime. If you want a taste bomb that refreshes you or wakes you up, gulp down the Margarita at your nearby bar.

It goes well with food.

It is a food-friendly cocktail. If you are eating fatty food like cheese and meats, the iciness of the drink will help neutralize the spiciness. The saltiness will add more depth to your food overall. Hence, a Margarita’s best friend is a taco.

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