You might have heard about pub crawls before. But did you know that margarita crawl is a thing? Dallas hosts it. Margarita is the first love of Dallas. On the rocks or frozen, sweet or spicy, you would find all the varieties here. Come here to sample from the best of the margarita options. Margarita Mile for Dallas , mobile app for travelers to let them know of the best places that serve mind-blowing margaritas.

Locals can use the app too to make their tastebuds dance. It also features a GPS and links the different transportation options so that you do not have to worry about the driving. Also, access the prizes and exclusive deals simply by visiting the venues.

Wild Salsa

This Mexican restaurant takes tequila as seriously as food. It offers many options to choose from, including Wild-Rita, a concoction of lime juice, agave nectar, and roasted pineapple.

Urban Taco

The options of drinks here will make your head spin. You can pick the sweeter margaritas like frozen mango or try the legendary Casa Noble Crystal tequila. You can also score free snacks if you show your margarita mile deal.

Urban Taco

Stampede 66

Prickly pear puree, Hornitos Plata Tequila, and Patron Citronage are some of the liqueur options offered with liquid nitrogen. Talk about entertainment with tequila; this place does justice to it.

Beto & Son

With inventive cuisines and attentive staff, your margarita experience would come to a full circle here. You can also customize your own drink with the choices they have. All the fruits are hand-selected, and that makes the drink extra yummy.

Ventana Margarita

Taqueria La Ventana: La Ventana Margarita

This restaurant has only one signature drink. La Ventana means the window which describes the outdoor eatery that this restaurant is. They have other branches where you can go to relax after a hectic day.

El Fenix

This restaurant has been in the business since 1989, and the tortilla machine here is a special attraction. It is the simplest and the most comforting Margarita you would ever gulp. Drink history at this 100-year-old restaurant.

Meso Maya

Meso Maya

Magic margarita is the specialty here. You can tick two locations off when you visit this place. You can also go to El Fenix, which is practically next door. Have the frozen Margarita with the sangria for a fruity twist.

Matt’s Rancho Martinez

The beautiful margaritas here look like they were made for Instagram. You will finish these in no time at all. All the ingredients are homemade and pure, which amplify the deliciousness.

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